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    Charlotte NC, Rentals, Real Estate and Property Management

  • "The biggest difference I noticed was that I felt like I now had a management company that was looking after my best interest. Also, the monthly financial reports they provide are clear and easy to understand, which pleases my accountant."The Watson Group
  • "I appreciate your time and diligence and your care for my financial investment."Ron M., client for over 4 years
  • "We really appreciate you and your professionalism."Jenny R.
  • "I wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of you and your team. I know I've been calling a lot and I feel like I am constantly treated as if I am your only customer."Mike B.
  • "I am a real estate investor and have been working with Hattie and her colleagues for the last couple of years. They are consummate professionals, responsive to my needs and always keep their commitments. I am a satisfied customer and happy to consider them a partner."Ty P.
  • "It is with much pleasure that I recommend RuBec Properties. I honestly have never encountered a more courteous, efficient and friendly agency who all work together so professionally to provide such excellent service in property management. Hattie W. has handled all of our property needs with friendly, quick and unwavering integrity. We have been most pleased with their service!!"Linda B.

Who We Are

Charlotte NC, Real Estate Who We Are

In 2006, Cheryl Warren founded RuBec Properties in Charlotte, NC after a layoff from her job in corporate America. As she sought new employment, Cheryl saw the layoff as an opportunity to make a fresh start, with the chance to do something creative. She decided to make a career out of something that had been an avocation of hers - property management.

After conducting research, attending real estate investment meetings and talking to friends, Cheryl received her first client, a referral from a friend. From that point onward, she developed a full-scale property management plan and launched a postcard marketing campaign to draw people to her business.

Even with its tremendous success, RuBec Properties remains a family owned and operated business strongly committed to community service. Over the last seven years, RuBec Properties has aligned itself with various non-profit organizations around the city to assist in providing housing to individuals and families who, without assistance, could very well become homeless. The RuBec Team has worked tirelessly with owners, tenants and community service organizations to certify hundreds of families and individuals, helping them become eligible for the federal government voucher program (HUD section 8). Although the process can at times be challenging, it is never without great rewards. For that reason, both corporately and individually, the RuBec Properties team remains dedicated to helping others through targeted community service.

Why Choose Us

Charlotte NC, Real Estate

Because our customers are our only concern.

We realize but for property owners, tenants, vendors, employees, and others we work with, we would not exist. It is very important to do the right thing, do it well and timely. This is what we strive for in the management of your property. We want to add value by removing the drudgery and time it takes to manage your own property. We care about the outcome and how to create the best outcome. Our goal is to be the most customer friendly property management company in the Greater Charlotte area. Give us a call so we can work with you!